Document Frauds - Verification of Document

ANS Management Services

ANS Management Services is a company founded in June 2001 to provide specialist consultancy to a number of diverse commercial organisations and embassies in Pakistan.

We are perhaps best known for our work in the field of investigations regarding document fraud and document verifications. We have a proven track record of successfully investigating suspected fraudulent and forged documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, employment documents, educational certificates and degrees. We have also investigated fraudulent insurance claims in Pakistan.

We also provide consultancy for security related matters. We also provide a personnel-screening service, which assists our clients in selecting the right employees, intermediaries and agents.

As of late, we are investing more time and resources into identifying facilities that are producing counterfeit medicines.

We believe it is our moral and social responsibility to fight such illegal activities that plague our society and endanger the health and well being of human beings.

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bullet_square_blueDocument Fraud

bullet_square_blueOptical Discs Piracy

bullet_square_bluePirated and Counterfeit Goods

bullet_square_blueProvide consultancy for security related issues

bullet_square_blueProvide Personnel Screening Service

Flood Relief Activities

On 27th July 2010, the monsoon rain poured down on the province of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and ultimately it turned into an extreme flooding of the province leaving tens of thousands of homes destroyed and inundating the land and livestock with over 70% of livestock dead and crops washed away. This flood not only hit Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa but from North to South and over 20 million people displaced all over Pakistan.


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